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1989 Dodge Caravan Review, Kory Jones, From FT. Walton Be

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 Model of the car:Caravan
 General comments:I am a mechanic, and this van kept me busy, but was very useful and drove well in between maintenance. I have had no transmission problems in 127,000 miles. change your fuel pump if you have more than 90k miles. It will just quit otherwise. The 4 cyl is easier to maintain than the six. If you rebuild the 2,5 four, get a counter-balancer elimination kit! This engine has a lot of moving parts that wear out. Overall the van has been okay, but high maintenance. I was able to handle all repairs so my review may be biased towards those mechanically inclined. A woman would have hated this van. All vehicles require periodic maintenance, Caravan's need more than others.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Had to completly rebuild engine at 89K miles, was burning a quart of oil per 100 miles. Radio went out twice, window tracks broke, CV boots (3 times), AC compressor, steering pump, fuel pump, water pump, and rotors all went prematurely.
 Previous car:Friends Odessy, 95 Caravan. My well maintained 89, has been better than my friends 95 with transmission problems.

Review 1989 Dodge Caravan Kory Jones, From FT. Walton Be
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