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1989 Dodge Caravan Review, Stan Malec, From Winnipeg

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Dodge Caravan

 Model of the car:Dodge Caravan
 General comments:In summary I just love caravan's Have owned GM the only thing that stays together on them is the built like rock Decal. Got tired of bouncing around on Coil springs, Tired of motors that used to much fuel a charging sytem that would not charge fast enough, and bills to get them started in cold weather. GM sucked, along came CaravanWhy you should buy one, Make sure you get a warranty, in Canada we have warranty on vechicles 7 years and younger get one pay the price. Caravans are, comfortable, fun sporty, roomy, Easy to re-sell if "YOU" have maintained it. Find a back yard mechanic not a dealer after warranty, I have found the dealers are too expensive and also very un-educated on their products. IF you like good view, good seating positions. Working power toys for "real people" by a Caravan One suggestion Caravans need something for cargo storage in the rear, the Grand size gives you more room but you still have waisted vertical space, which frustrates me when we pack for the lake.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Back door rusts out, Back wiper and front wipers where a pain found a trick put a smaller wiper on the back window for the wimpy motor. Sliding door would freeze shut in the winter. Not enough heat in the van in Canada. I just could not stand the Low waterlight for the windshield wiper. It comes on too early, I removed the sensor really buggy.
 Previous car:We bought a 1994 ES AWD see that report

Review 1989 Dodge Caravan Stan Malec, From Winnipeg
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