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1989 Dodge Caravan Review, George Gomelauri, From Tbilisi

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Grand Caravan 3.0l, V6, EFI

 Model of the car:Grand Caravan 3.0l, V6, EFI
 General comments:Vrey good impression.
Quite reliable.
It is running since 1996 till 2001 without official maitenance on quite bad roads, mountains, snow in winter. Never had problems with automatic transmission. I would like to switch over to AWD model. After 135,000 miles the engine consumes only 12 liters per 100 kilomeeters, but it started smoking and oftern needs to add the oil. ATF is leaking from Power steering system.
I am considering to buy and install a new engine but I do not know the price and where to get the new engine. I need it to be shipped to Georgia.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Sliding door should have a handle on the upper corner as it is on the new models. Needs the mechanism of correction of head lights from the drivers seat, because when the VAN is empty, in dark lights permit to see very small distance and you have to drive slowly. My cruise controll unfortunately does not function on speeds less then 60 km per hour. No qualified repair and maitenance facility in the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi. Pare parts not avaliable locally.
 Previous car:This is my first VAN. Before that I owned 3 sedans (LADA, 4 doors 5 passengers) and 1 AWD (LADA - NIVA, 2 side doors, 1 Back door, 4 passengers).

Review 1989 Dodge Caravan George Gomelauri, From Tbilisi
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