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1989 Dodge Caravan Review, Asa Jennings, From Carmichael,

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Plymouth Voyager

 Model of the car:Plymouth Voyager
 General comments:Why is Dodge currently airing commercials 24 hours a day promoting their products with rebates and cash back etc. The answer is listed above in the weaknesses category. They are trying to lull you into submission, forget what you know is right and buy one of their vehicles. Be strong and relent. May the force be with you.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Let's see where do I begin? I've heard that the Ford Aerostar was considered the antichrist by auto mechanics. Apparently this was before they started working on Voyagers & Caravans. I know its a tall order trying to name the weaknesses of this vehicle after reading all the horror. However today I feel up to the task as I finally feel some salvation from this evil van after reading the failures of others like myself. Let's begin. The FIRST DAY I experienced problems with the transmission, returned to the dealer to get an "adjustment." Fast forward one year and the air conditioning went out. The dealer said the warranty had just expired and it would cost $1000 to fix so I said forget it. Then the **** hit the fan. In any particular order the paint peeled off the roof and hood, the radio is a complete nightmare, the motor burns oil continually, the rear seats are impossible to remove and replace, the rear view mirror fell off, the possessed rear view wipers come on and off at their convenience, not mine, the left turn signal goes out and no one knows why, the headliner droops down over my face while I drive, brake rotors, transmission (again) doesn't shift when on freeway with two young children in van, locks on doors no longer work with key leaving me to enter van through side door which sticks instead of sliding and now the windshield has cracked after it saw its reflection in a window. Have I painted a clear enough picture? I'd call it a Picasso of what a complete disaster Chrysler has created. And by the way they didn't invent the minivan, Volkswagen did back in 1950 or so. Did I fix any of the above problems? Not many, because the day I repaint this beast is the day the motor falls out and laughs at me as it lays on the driveway. Will I buy another? No. Does Chrysler care? NO. They continue to screw their customers over and over. Don't be the next in line.
 Previous car:My next minivan will be the Honda Odyessy or the soon to be made Volkswagen microbus 2000+ edition.

Review 1989 Dodge Caravan Asa Jennings, From Carmichael,
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