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1991 Dodge Caravan Review, Marius Lindblom, From Hølen,

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Dodge Caravan SE

 Model of the car:Dodge Caravan SE
 General comments:I could recommend this car to anyone who needs a lot of space, a comfortable car, and an economic car to drive. One should anyway be aware that the cars transmission could be a weak point on this car. Be sure to check out the cars servicemanual before buying. When buying an used car one will always have to fix minor error from time to time, but as an overall I'm very satisfied with this car. I will definitively consider buying another car like this when changing car next time.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:The cars automatic transmission broke down only 2 hours after I bought it. The dealer installed a new transmission, so hopefully it'll last as long as I own it. The cars aircondition is not as good as it probably should be. It want get warm on cold days (-10C and less).The quality of the painting is questionable.
 Previous car:I used to drive a Volvo 360GL, but it's not the best car to compare with.

Review 1991 Dodge Caravan Marius Lindblom, From Hølen,
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