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1992 Dodge Caravan Review, William Kermott, From Chippewa

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Dodge Grand Caravan

 Model of the car:Dodge Grand Caravan
 General comments:Bought van at 225,000 miles. Previous owner had just replaced the transmission and fuel pump. Bought it for less than the owner spent on the repairs.I now have 305,000 miles on it. Have taken it three weeks in a row on 1200 mile trips with 3 other men and no fear of difficulty... runs great.Am leaving tonight for Indianapolis.One thing I have noticed is that the oil tends to break down after 2500 miles, probably due to the engine having so many miles on it, so I change the oil more often than most.I have owned nearly every make and model of vehicle and give them hard service... this van has endured far better than most.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:No complaints
 Previous car:Much easier to drive than a full size van and more comfortable

Review 1992 Dodge Caravan William Kermott, From Chippewa
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