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1992 Dodge Caravan Review, Tom

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Dodge Grand Caravan Le

 Model of the car:Dodge Grand Caravan Le
 General comments:very good hauler.using it as the main family vehicle.the rear air has to be on for effictive cooling.i get about 17mpg combined.21hwy
 What things have gone wrong with the car:well,i dont know where to start to list the weaknesses,so i'll list them as i remember the problems.the headlight assy. should not be made of plastic which clouds up and turns yellowish.the paint job is pealing.not just on the roof but on the front bumper.the serpintine belt comes off when you run over a rain puddle,but it corrected itself when i had the engine mount replaced.the AC compressor was replaced twice both times under my extended policy.the second day i had it the serpintine belt came off because of a failed water pump. i had to replace the pump again just reciently.the little water hose from the thermostate housing to the lower area or the motor which is very difficult to get to had failed internally. the outward apperance showed no signs of age.the serpintine belt tentioner pully was seised the place,as if the tention was no longer in its spring and it also was replaced.the speedometer stoped working and its sensor needed the cruise control is intermittent,mostly failing when needed and when it does work it lasts only for a short time or if i hit a bump.the rear struts on the door had to be replaced by me,then a few days later a recieved a recall for it.after the recall for the windshield wipers was done they are now very noisey when they operate.the engine cooling fan stopped without warning,the brushes worn out,it was replaced for one at the junk yard.just reciently the AC system raditor fan was noisey ,it was the bearings,i replaced it also from the junk yard.the O2 sensor was bad and the engine light came on. so i replaced that too.but the light had to be turned off at a repair shop with the use of a computor tool called an OBD2.i found out that the light sometimes turns on at predetermined milages.i have a popping noise when i turn the steering wheel from left to right.the front brake pads and rotors need replaced every year.the rear brakes replaced every other year.the trans mission was rebuilt from pully a heavy trailer.
 Previous car:i had a 86 saab 900 s 2 door sedan that was the family car which doubled as a van.i could fold down the back seats for extra got the same fuel milage as the caravan

Review 1992 Dodge Caravan Tom
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