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1992 Dodge Caravan Review, Patricia O'Neil, From Wahnapit

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Grand Caravan

 Model of the car:Grand Caravan
 General comments:Regret: spending more than 10 cents on this piece of fact if anyone offers to give you one like hell As far as reviews go....was disappointed that "no stars" was not an option.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:replaced transmission 3 times..only once under warranty...rear seal no good;body rusting like a cheap nail; water pump-crap; fuel pump spewed contents of gas tank onto road;brakes make strange ticking noise but problem can't be located without tearing the van apart piece by piece;lousy gas mileage;door chime dings constantly;speakers on radio a piece of crap..can't even use radio to drown out all the other noises this van makes!; trim falling off inside everywhere..have written a message on the back hatch with magic marker that reads:Wanna lose weight? Drive a caravan, it'll force you to walk at least 3x per week!;if you want a blood pressure one of these suckers..i couldn't even give this piece of crap to a wrecking yard...there are no salvageable parts...DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE...NOT EVEN A NEWER MODEL....THIS VEHICLE SHOULD COME WITH free PSYCHIATRIC COUNSELLING!
 Previous car:another caravan...89...obviously believed the bull---- that they improved it in 92 model year

Review 1992 Dodge Caravan Patricia O'Neil, From Wahnapit
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