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1993 Dodge Caravan Review, Simon, From Waterloo, IA USA

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Caravan, Voyager

 Model of the car:Caravan, Voyager
 General comments:I bought both used, but got a far better deal on the '91 Voyager because it was a base model. Power windows and rear hatch opener on the '93 Caravan are great. These are the best vehicles I've ever travelled in for vacation. Mileage is good, A
 What things have gone wrong with the car:'93- headlights aren't as bright as they should be; lack of driver's side vent; the seats should ALWAYS have been on rollers. '91- the 4 cyl doesn't get much better gas mileage than the 3.3 engine in my '93, but has far less guts. The A
 Previous car:I can only compare these vans with each other, and I'm happy with both.

Review 1993 Dodge Caravan Simon, From Waterloo, IA USA
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