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1993 Dodge Caravan Review, David Warren, From Arlington,

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 Model of the car:Caravan
 General comments:My complaints are no different than those already expressed in the reviews on this web site - the transmission failed at 60K. My sister had a Caravan - transmission failed at around 60K. My nephew had a Caravan - transmission failed. (yes, we're a family of slow learners). A co-worker had a transmission problem, er, I mean a Caravan. In fact, (this just occured to me while I was writing this review), every person I know who has owned a Caravan has had the transmission replaced. Consumers should be protected from this sort of thing, i.e., nowadays, it's reasonable to expect a transmission to last 200,000K. BOTTOMLINE: NEVER BUY A CHRYSLER PRODUCT - NEVER!!!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:TRANSMISSION!
 Previous car:We've owned 7 different vehicles - this is by far the biggest piece of junk!!

Review 1993 Dodge Caravan David Warren, From Arlington,
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