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1993 Dodge Caravan Review, Jacquie, From Castleton,new Yo

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Dodge Caravan

 Model of the car:Dodge Caravan
 General comments:plenty of room,comfortable.Nice drive,but,a serious money pit.I had two transmissions replaced under extended warranty,again when warranty ended and now the van sits a big white lawn decoration,new computer system,new battery,new tires,etc....with,yes a transmission problem,this time the transmission literally shot a whole through itself.Talk to a transmission specialist before buying one,seems everyone except dodge knows about the tranny problem!A real shame because other then the awful transmission,an excellent ride.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:TRANSMISSION
 Previous car:plymouth voyager-much more comfortable,better drive,more solid then the voyager-same transmission

Review 1993 Dodge Caravan Jacquie, From Castleton,new Yo
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