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1993 Dodge Caravan Review, Stephen Sywak, From Cornwall,

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Dodge Caravan

 Model of the car:Dodge Caravan
 General comments:(If this is a repeat, I apologize; I really, really hate this car)After we placed our order for a new, 1993 Dodge Caravan, my wife and I had to wait for months for the vehicle to finally show up at our local dealership. Because of the company I worked for at that time, I was actually more aware of where the vehicle was (on the assembly line, en route, etc.) than was the dealer! Finally, the Caravan came in. I took my family to the dealership to pick up the vehicle; we had the bank check in hand. Now, my wife and I had been warned by the dealer that they would not accept a check "with any writing on the back." We thought this odd, but told the dealer that the check would be whatever our bank wanted it to be. In fact, the bank check did have writing on the back; it said something like this: "Dealer guarantees that he has not sold the car in question to any other buyers; Buyer guarantees that the check will be used to purchase the agreed upon car." (etc., etc.) In other words, the dealer is not trying to sell the same car five or six times at once, and I am not using the money tagged for a Caravan to buy a Ford Pinto and pocket the change. Well, the dealer balked! The dealer started to argue with us right there on the showroom floor. They asked us to take the argument into one of the side offices, and we did. The door closed (and locked) and the dealer started cursing at me and my wife! Our children (in a stroller at the time) started crying. Finally, we got the dealership to agree to accept the check. The Manager, who we were told was not there that morning--and couldn't be reached--miraculously showed up, and he accepted the check. When we tried to leave the office, we learned that the door was broken and we were locked in! The mechanics could not open the door for us: the doorknob and hinges were mounted from the inside. After repeated admonitions from me to get the mechanics away from the door, I used my pocket "Multi-Tool" and removed the doorknob. We were free. We should have listened to the omens. The omens were out and out YELLING at us to leave the dealership at once. We ignored them. Things proceeded to get worse. We are now at 75,000 miles with the van. Normally, we run up 15,000 to 18,000 miles per year on a vehicle. We are hesitant to use the van for any long trips; we use my 1991 Toyota Corolla wagon, instead. Here's why we hate the van. Number of transmissions: FIVE. Luckily, all were replaced under the extended 7 year
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Transmission, ABS system, Steering Column
 Previous car:Toyota Corolla Wagon--My Corolla has 130k on it, the Caravan 80K; the Corolla is a great litle car, and I plan on keeping it for many more years. I would junk the Caravan in a minute, and will-the moment I can replace it.

Review 1993 Dodge Caravan Stephen Sywak, From Cornwall,
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