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1994 Dodge Caravan Review, Alan Brodie, From Leicester, M

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Dodge Grand Caravn Sport Wagon

 Model of the car:Dodge Grand Caravn Sport Wagon
 General comments:This is the second Dodge Caravan I have owned and I should have known better! The first was a 1987. By 1994 I had replaced the head gasket three times, twice at my own expense. The '94 which I bought to replace it had a better engine but a variety of other "stupid" problems arose, the most annoying of which was when the sliding passenger door just slid off and crashed in the road. I had the door reassembled but after that the interior lights never worked right and I wound up keeping them turned off all the time which made the instrument panel lights very dim while night driving. There was a problem which prevented me from using the rear wiper or fuses would blow and then just about everything electrical wouldn't work. But the bigger problem was the transmission. I had it rebuilt once in '99 and a year and a half later it needed to be rebuilt again. That was when I decided just to junk the vehicle and I won't be buying another Caravan.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Transmission failure and too many minor problems
 Previous car:None

Review 1994 Dodge Caravan Alan Brodie, From Leicester, M
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