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1994 Dodge Caravan Review, Go Herd01

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GC Sport

 Model of the car:GC Sport
 General comments:My daughter says that minivan-sport is major oxymoron, but we're intending to buy another though with no kids at home we'll be unusual minivan types. Our 94 was purchased new on October of 93, taken care of very carefully, and wrecked for about 9k damages to front and passenger side front at 60K miles in 96. Current mileage 117K and doing very well! How long do these things last? Still runs very smoothly, though road noise is pronounced. Tranny replaced as part of wreck repair, so no problems there. Over the years the belt tensioner failed, as well as the throttle linkage cable burning through - probably wreck-related as it was put back too close to the exaust manifold. Rear brake cylinder failed a few weks ago.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:1. Annoying rattle from the alloy wheel-bolt covers.
 Previous car:None

Review 1994 Dodge Caravan Go Herd01
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