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1995 Dodge Caravan Review, Hillary, From Mass

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Dodge Caravan (Crop_o_Van) SE

 Model of the car:Dodge Caravan (Crop_o_Van) SE
 General comments:I don't recomed one at all!!!!!!!! If you need the seating get a 2002 Explorer XLT (has a third seat) it holds up to 8 people!!!!!!!the vans are the worst kind of vehicle to be made they should stop making them. My Friends have said even the new ones SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~DON'T BUY ONE~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:well...i'll start with everything!!!!! Brakes have been replaced about 10 times in 5 years or less(NOT FOR TOWING ANYTHING)the traction is horrible, the back slides, the paint pealed after 1 1
 Previous car:1998 tuares wagon SE, I love it it a hole lot better than a van, but SUV's are the best!!!!!

Review 1995 Dodge Caravan Hillary, From Mass
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