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1996 Dodge Caravan Review, Rnn9, From New York

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 Model of the car:Caravan
 General comments:I had owned a 92 Dodge Caravan 3.0 V6, so I should have known better, but the 1996 Caravan was supposedly "Completely Redesigned"
So I ass-u-me-d that they would have fixed all the problems that existed in the 1992 version.
Well, as they say Assume makes and ASS out
of U and ME. At 60,000 Miles, the stalling problems occurred (just as in my 1992 Caravan). This is the AIS motor failure that causes a dangerous intermittent stalling problem. The engine may cut out while you are driving at high speeds(You loose power steering and power brakes). Then at 71,000 the *&(#$!!! transmission dies, I loose reverse and high gear (exactly the same as in my 1992 Caravan) a nice $1400 repair bill.

Here are some new problems that occur with my 1996 Caravan. Wipers come on once in a while for no reason, Cruise control works only once in a while. Air bag light comes on and off during driving.

Things that happened on my 1992 Caravan that I'm waiting to happen now. At 80,000
miles the Valve stem seals go, nice blue oil smoke blows from the exhaust while you idle at traffic lights. Body computer
relays fail causing instrument panels & speedometer to fail.

By the way, my Father's 1995 Dodge Caravan has had all ow the above problems
as well as the peeling paint problem associated with most blue 1991 - 1995 models.
My Father's (Yep he was a sucker too!)1999 3.5 Liter Caravan needed new cylinder heads and gaskets at 50K.

My wife's 1994 Dodge Spirit transmission
(same one that's in the Caravan) went at 69,500 (Lucky for us it was still under warrantee) After two BS repairs from Crysler, they finally agreed to replace the transmission with a rebuilt one. Unfortuantely, the engine self destructed at 90K.

I will never own a Crysler vehicle again.

Pay the extra $$$ and get a better quality vehicle.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:***Transmission***, Automatic Idle speed motor, Brakes, Cruise Control.
 Previous car:92 Dodge Caravan

Review 1996 Dodge Caravan Rnn9, From New York
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