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1996 Dodge Caravan Review, Jeri, From Fresno, CA.

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Dodge Caravan SE

 Model of the car:Dodge Caravan SE
 General comments:Okay..I did my part..I bought "Amercian" and I am certainly paying for it!This was my first Dodge, and belive me, this is the last Dodge.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:My van has just 47,000 miles, and as I write this, it's at the dealership having the broken clock spring replaced. Last month the head gashet blew, and so did my check book to the tune of $1600.00 The "manager" of the service department called me, just a little over an hour ago to inform that the head gasket is still leaking...and of course my transmission is dying. But hey, it's only going to cost me just $966.00 to tear down the transmission to see what the problem is! I have already replaced the brakes front and back several times, the serpentine belt twice, the battery wonder when I told the Dodge service person about how the transmisson slips constanly, and whenever I put the car into reverse I hear this incredable thud, he only nodded his head...I guess he's heard it all before! I was the only one shocked that a transmission would and could fall apart at 47,000 miles!!!!
 Previous car:I have only driven Datsun, Honda and Toyota..before deceiding to give "American" a try...Typically I had over 100,000. miles on these vechiles before any problems arose.

Review 1996 Dodge Caravan Jeri, From Fresno, CA.
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