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1996 Dodge Caravan Review, Louise R., From Parkesburg, P

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Dodge Caravan

 Model of the car:Dodge Caravan
 General comments:I have never seen a bigger piece of ****, this vehicle has been nothing but a problem since the first day we leased it. Hmmmm where do I start?...the rear door seal had to be repaired 3 or 4 times, the gear indicator broke off, the wipers do what they want, when they want, the rear shocks make hideous groaning noises when its cold, the rear view mirror falls off when its hot, the check engine soon light used to come on , at that time it took them 4 times to locate a cracked spark plug,the horn started blowing one day and wouldnt stop till I pulled the fuse,ther are more problems I cant recall them all, ( lets put it this way we had rentals more often than we had our van for the first few years).Minor problems flaired up, the mirror still falls off and ocassionally the gas gauge sticks. We decided to keep our van after the lease ran out( WHAT A STUPID IDEA) because hey , basically it was a good vehicle once it worked the bugs out....NOT!!!!! It took close to $ 1,000.00 to pass inspection ( feb.) this year ( what fun that was), optimistic to the last , we even put new tires on it , thinking after the work they did for inspection what else could go wrong? hahahahahahahhha..I went to work, it's time to leave work, van will not start....ok maybe it's the battery( after all its the original ), NOT....BOUGHT NEW BATTERY....still no go...well lets see I call the dealership( they are also a joke) get it towed there..I am told they will look at it asap..van broke down tues. night- van towed wed . morn....they " look " at van on thurs. eve... ( the whole time they tell me they will get to it asap and will call with the info) well I call them to see how it's going fri. morn......yes they have finally looked at it, and they have to order a part ( fuel intake manifold and sensor ( not sure)) and I will probably get my van back monday....I am so pissed , this is my only vehicle, I havent been to work since tuesday, I have 3 children, and stuff to do. I 'm sorry I couldnt have been more informative about the actual problems but all the repair paperwork is in the glove box of my van.. we went with our van because we have 3 sons and at the time it fit into our budget, but I WOULD NEVER RECOMEND THIS VEHICLE!!!!! If you want a dodge caravan , you cant afford to have a family and if you want to be able to do things with your family, you cant afford to own a dodge caravan... I'm sorry that I am ranting at you all, but have you ever been, stuck at home with 3 kids in the boonies, missing work for almost a week and anticipating yet another repair bill... this is enough to make me start smoking again...NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER BUY A DODGE!!!!!!!!! i WOULD ALSO LIKE TO NOTE THAT IF I HAVE TO GIVE THIS THING A RATING OF AT LEAST ONE STAR, I WOULD ACTUALLY GO INTO THE NEGATIVE NUMBERS TO RATE THE 96 DODGE CARAVAN, PLEASE NOTE THE ACTUAL VALUE OF THE STARS 1 STAR IN VALUE = COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY & 1 STAR IN OVERALL = AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Everything, the list is to massive to go into..
 Previous car:None

Review 1996 Dodge Caravan Louise R., From Parkesburg, P
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