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1996 Dodge Caravan Review, Michael, From Henderson, Nevad

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Grand Voyager LE

 Model of the car:Grand Voyager LE
 General comments:This is a 2.5 star rating vehicle in my opinion and it only gets that much credit because it does have some very nice features and appointments. When the vehicle does run PROPERLY it is a fun vehicle to drive.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:This was by far the most unreliable vehicle I have ever owned. I don't even want to thing about the amount of time I was without the vehicle while it was in the shop for repairs and rental cars because the dealership that was so friendly to me while I was in the middle of the purchase would not pay for a rental or give me a loaner even though I bought the most expensive extended warranty on the market. I had to replace the transmission twice before the vehicle had 60,000 mile on it not to mention the multitude of other problems.The service writters were extreamly unfriendly and always tried to make me feel as though it was my fault the the vehicle had so many problems. Let's talk about recal notices. I haven't owened the vehicle for almost 3 years and I am still recieving recall notices on it.
 Previous car:Against Ford, Chevy and Toyota which I have owned different cars and trucks from all three manufactures I would not even consider buying another Dodge or Chrysler product right now and I work for Chrysler.

Review 1996 Dodge Caravan Michael, From Henderson, Nevad
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