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1996 Dodge Caravan Review, Rob, From Redmond

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SE Grand Caravan

 Model of the car:SE Grand Caravan
 General comments:The Grand Caravan is JUNK! Our transmission completely failed at 48k (cost $1,900 to replace). I was told by a mechanic that Dodge knew there were problems... they were using a WEAK transmission that could not support the weight of the Grand Caravan. Also, our front door seals failed multiple times (replaced 3 x's), brake problems - replaced rotors, drums. Also, alignment problems (every 5k goes out of alignment). Finally, our 3.8l v6 engine leaking oil at multiple points now. I'm disgusted with this van. I've heard that a class-action suit may be brought against Dodge
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Transmission failed at 48k, door seal failed multiple times, brake problems, alignment problems, engine leaking oil at multiple points
 Previous car:None

Review 1996 Dodge Caravan Rob, From Redmond
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