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1997 Dodge Caravan Review, Kris

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Dodge Caravan

 Model of the car:Dodge Caravan
 General comments:I absolutely HATE this vehicle. I see what driving an American vehicle costs. It's more than the sticker on the lot. Currently, our air conditioning is not working, and this is after we have put 800+ dollars into it. The evaporator coil has now gone out and we are fairly sure that it is because they(the dealership service center) did not replace the dryer. They now want an additional $1000.
This does not even top(in my opinion) the way Dodge has treated us. Our windshiels wipers turn on for NO APPARANT REASON. It can be dry as a bone, and our windshield wipers are moving back and forth. When I called Dodge about the problem, they claimed it to be normal wear and tear. Now folks, this is the newest car I have ever driven and NEVER have I had my windshield wipers break due to wear and tear. Maybe if I lived in rainy Seattle, but in Ohio! They did tell me to pay the $180.00 to fix the problem and if it was ever recalled they would pay me back if I kept the reciept.
We are currently looking at buying a Honda Odyssey.My advice is to spend the extra money and gey a quality car!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Poor customer service. Poor quality.

Review 1997 Dodge Caravan Kris
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