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1997 Dodge Caravan Review, Karen

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Dodge Grand Caravan SE

 Model of the car:Dodge Grand Caravan SE
 General comments:I fell in love with this car, and still am because of the space it offers, and when it is fixed, it runs great, until something else goes wrong. We bought this one used with 44000 miles on it-we jumped the gun! Our first problem was the brakes, which they replaced the day after we bought it. Then we replced the front brakes again at 67000 (not too bad considering there were 2 completely different drivers!).Next, I brought the car back 2 times telling them that the belt was sqealing, and they told me nothing was wrong, haha, 1 day after I left the dealer, the belt broke, sending the tensioner bar flying and nicking the trans! So, I was out a car for a week, and in a rental I couldn't afford to wait 6 to 8 weeks for a small reimbursemnt for. Keep reading, 3 is a charm, anyone know a good attorney for the lemon law? A couple of months later, at about 49000 miles, the trans starts to leak, out a car again for 8 days. They say they have fixed it, and they used "the best silicone sealer on the market" which translates into "we glued that sucker on so even if it is leaking you won't be able to tell!" well, it leaked through the "best" took it back, we resealed it- HOW ABOUT JUST PUTTING THE NEW PAN AND PAN GASKET ON IT? Nope, all good they tell me. Now the car is going into gear rough, and they tell me (after 2 places have told me I do not need a tune up!) that the car is shifting ruff because I need new plugs and wires $200 later the car still wasn't running right- 2 days after I got it back- somebody t boned me on pass. side at 40mph-NO AIR BAG DEPLOYMENT- this after I had brought up to the dealer 3 TIMES that the airbag light was staying on a little too long! 3x for the service engine soon light, 2 O2 sensors, weather stripping replacement, sliding doors sticking, light button on driver side not releasing, oh not to forget the head gaskets needed to be replaced, replaced valve cover gaskets, and before it was hit, it always smelled like burning plastic. Did anyone else get the recall notice for the fuel rail- lovely! And I had some seat belt problems. Anyone having suspension problems?
 What things have gone wrong with the car:All of the above, but if Dodge would recognize these trans problems, and the others, it would not be that bad of a car.

Review 1997 Dodge Caravan Karen
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