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1997 Dodge Caravan Review, Sal , From Canada

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 Model of the car:Sport
 General comments:O2 sensor replaced at 95000 km.

Brakes replaced at 111000 km.

Just regular maintenance items.

Oil & filter changed every 3000 miles.

No unforeseen repairs. No surprises! Van drives like it has half the actual miles.
Engine and transmission work very well. Not very quick from a standing start but has surprisingly good passing power with 3.3 engine. Engine idles very smoothly, revs quickly and sounds quite sporty.
My van is 5 years old and runs like New.
My neighbour.
He just had his tranny changed on his
99 Honda van. Cost him over $4 000 dollars. Parts are not cheap on imports.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:No problems!
 Previous car:Accord, Taurus

Review 1997 Dodge Caravan Sal , From Canada
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