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1998 Dodge Caravan Review, Joni

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Dodge Grand Caravan

 Model of the car:Dodge Grand Caravan
 General comments:When my van was 18 months' old, my serpentine belt came off in dangerous driving conditions, (wet and stormy.) I had them replace it, and it has come off three more times in dangerous conditions all within a month's time. I filed a "Lemon Law" complaint, but was led by Chrysler to believe they have to fix it for the fourth and final time. Little did I know if I asked for arbitration under the "Lemon Law," I would have had them buy the car back at full price, plus taxes, and get one from them comprable to the new one I purchased.
Now, it's four years later, and my serpentine belt has come off again during a rainstorm and I have to pay for them to fix it.
Also, I had to have my transmission rebuilt at 50,000.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Paint chips off even when brand new; transmission needed replacement at 50,000 and the serpentine belts is always coming off which makes the car impossible to drive.

Review 1998 Dodge Caravan Joni
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