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1998 Dodge Caravan Review, Sue Malloy, From Bancroft, ONT

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Plymouth Voyageur SE

 Model of the car:Plymouth Voyageur SE
 General comments:Love my Plymouth but unless I can be assured that the worst of Chysler's transmission problems are over I can't see buying one any time soon just to get a bigger engine (180hp, 3.3L if I was to replace what I have now).Going for Japanese reliability despite what Phil Edmonston has to say about the MPV. Drive it !
 What things have gone wrong with the car:We have had some problems with the brakes. At about 34,000k the rotars started to rust. Dealer suggested we might have to have them replaced. I don't think so. Drove Hondas for years. Never had a rotar deteriorateat 34K. Anyway they were scraped instead. I started to get the pulsating again about 50K. Rotars no doubt. This is a lease. I am not replacing them. I am also hearing a dull but meaningful moaning sound coming from the back end over the sound of the engine. It is almost an after sound. Anyway this happened after the motor for the interior air fan stayed on and continued to stay on for at least 30 seconds, periodically (5 days) and then ceased. It likes to keep me in suspense. I have also had lots of problems with my horn. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. All seemingly minor things but .... will have to buy a new van because lease is due in July. Dodge or no Dodge this is the question. I like the new 5 year 100,000k powertrain warranty but does this really mean there won't be any serious tranmission problems ? I don't know. Anyone who has a Dodge or Plymouth van tells me the same thing. The Trans goes and then its time to replace it. Love the ride but I can't stand the thought of finally deciding to buy again and buying a headache. The back row of seats (the bench) is a real pain to take in and out. We keep ours in the garage because we have a dog to carry about, but when you need the extra seats you have to heave ho 100lbs of seat. You would think every van manufacturer would have the tumble down seats. I also find the contrls too far to reach but I understand that the new 2001 console has been brought forward and is higher therefore easier to use. Tires are not great for "real" winter driving. Here in the near north of Canada I bought and drove for three years with good snow radials, a must. The Goodyear all season radials are just not good enough for the snow we get here.
 Previous car:Had a 1996 Plymouth van, base model, 3 speed 3.0L engine, very underpowered. Had to have power locks and doors, it did not. Have always driven Honda Civics and we have an Accord. Excellent cars !Have been test driving 20001 Mazda MPV. Seems like a very un

Review 1998 Dodge Caravan Sue Malloy, From Bancroft, ONT
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