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1998 Dodge Caravan Review, Dana, From Eagan, Minnesota US

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SE, Short Wheelbase

 Model of the car:SE, Short Wheelbase
 General comments:Great for hauling kids and dogs. I have liked the integrated child seats and their ease of use. Car seat installation is about the only thing I haven't had to worry about. First problem ocurred in less than one year. I went to start the engine, and zippo, nada, nothing. Had the tow truck try to jump it, nothing. Towed it off to the dealership. It started right up for the dealer! Six months later, in a parking lot, same thing, but I waited about ten minutes, and like magic, it started. No need to tow that time! Brake rotors pitted and rusted at about 35k miles. Complained to chrysler, told them we were aware of this being a widespread problem, got them to pay for new rotors, we paid labor. Six months later, husband was driving van, it just died, no steering no brakes, just died. Thought we'd have to tow again, but after ten minutes or so, started right up again. The mystery continues. Told dealer about this ongoing problem and that it was documented while under warranty. Had door sliders replaced before 36k miles, and front passenger stereo speaker, wanted all this done while still under warranty. Yesterday, driving the kids to camp bus pickup, van died, no brakes, no steering, just poof, dead! Tried to start it several times, had to put into neutral and push into a parking space. Tried many more times to start, nothing. Came back several hours later, still no start. Cleaned battery connectors, no start. Called tow truck. 45 minutes later, towed off to the dealership. Good thing I have towing insurance. Get a call from the dealer when van gets there, started right up for them! Gosh Darnit if this isn't pissing me off now! Dealer says "out of warranty" I will have to pay if I want any diagnostics to see what the issue is, but it starts for them, so probably won't come up with anything. At least I wasn't doing 70mph down the freeway when it died, or we'd be dead. My lease is up in about a year, and I am afraid to get another one. My mom has one, sisters also have them, but these newer ones are not reliable. Not sure what I will drive next. We also own a Dodge Neon, but that's an entire story of its own.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Too many to post
 Previous car:Had a mitsubishi expo 7 pass before. Just as scary for reliability

Review 1998 Dodge Caravan Dana, From Eagan, Minnesota US
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