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1999 Dodge Caravan Review, Pinchevato, From Kingsville, T

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Dodge Caravan

 Model of the car:Dodge Caravan
 General comments:I bought this grocery-getter in the Summer of '99 thinking that it was a lot of car
for the money. AND IT IS !! Since then it has tallied up over 150,000
miles and is still going strong. My wife is religious about getting the oil changed
every 3,000 miles, and that has no doubt contributed to its longevity.
This vehicle has had some hard miles put on it in the South Texas heat,
and has weathered it fine. The only repair other than ordinary maintenance
the van has ever required is a brake job at 120,000 miles, which was done
at a local shop for about $100. All in all, this ride has been solid as a rock and an exceptional
value. The interior has held up well, discounting a minor flaw or two, and the paint job
has a minor blemish or two but still looks great after a good wash job.
The ride is not a bit rough, in fact rivaling some of the so-called "luxury"
cars I've ridden in. She gets paid off next year, and we're planning on investing in another
when this one finally calls it quits. Highly recommended automobile
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Only a few minor interior flaws. The plastic visor clips were the
first to go (perhaps using a better grade
of plastic would remedy this). The lever that controls the recline
of the driver's seat broke somewhere internally so the seat will not adjust
anymore. Perhaps plastic parts are involved
here also.
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Review 1999 Dodge Caravan Pinchevato, From Kingsville, T
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