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1999 Dodge Caravan Review, Price Perry, From St. John's,

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Dodge Caravan

 Model of the car:Dodge Caravan
 General comments:Please see email below:

The company you work for is a company which pays for additional repairs to
vehicles in Canada supposedly covered under "extended warranties".
Obviously, as with any expense, your company, as with any company trying to
cut costs would try and justify those expenditures. I feel withou pejudice
that you are trying to do that. However, you seem to be trying to defend the
transmission failures in the Dodge Caravan. I say to you that I proved in a
CAMVAP hearing that there was failure in the transmission in my 1999 Dodge
Caravan and was successful in having a buy back of my vehicle from Chrysler
Canada. I've never posted before your email of tonight. However, I think
based on your email, I feel I should let others know of my success and how
the hearing went. Wow! Can you imagine the claims that will probably have to
be paid out just through people making sure that their transmissions are
checked each time they have an issue with their transmissio
Appearantly, according to the Chrysler representative, I should have made
the dealership aware of the default in my transmission to avoid the problem.
How could I if I didn't know the problem existed? I had the vechile in for
it's regular maintenance check ups and would have thought that my
transmission would have been something my dealer checked for me. If that
is the case, consumers better be aware that they should have their
transmissions checked. I can only assume that your company should be
prepared to pay out additonal repairs for those tramsmissions checked and
found to have problems. Oh Oh! I wonder what will be more expensive?
You see J.R. I don't buy the wheel spinning and neither did the arbitrator.
If that is the case, why would there be A: a pending class action law suit
for the same issue in the United States? B:Why is it that states such as
California, Florida, South Carolina have same issues.? and I do believe
they have very little to no snow in these states. The last I heard Minivans
have not been used in drag racing along Canadian city streets. C: If that
being the case, how did I win my case?
I trust the warranty claims will not get too high for your company?
Hopefully, your company will be able to maintain the warranty claims for
Chrysler minivans. By the way, which company do you represent????
This email will be posted.
Cheers Warranty J.R:
-----Original Message-----
From: John R
Date: Friday, January 17, 2003 8:27 PM
Subject: Chrysler transmission
>I work for an extended warranty company in Canada so I am
>very familiar with this common failure arising from the differential pinion
>shaft retainer pin letting go and allowing the pinion shaft to move around
>and finally exit the tranmission case.First let me confirm the majority of
>the failures that launch the differential pinion shaft thru transmission
>case are a result of wheel spin.The way we determine if it is or if it is
>not,would be to have the differential part of transmission removed.If the
>differential pinion shaft is scored heavily or even has metal transfer seen
>on it, as well if the spider gears that ride on either end of this pinion
>shaft have scoring or metal transfer, this would show excessive rotational
>speed. This causes fluid that is supposed to be inbetween spider gear and
>differential pinion shaft,to be thrown out and allowing metal to metal
>contact, thus causing each to weld slightly to each other.This causes
>to the differential retainer pin( weak point of transmission) that secures
>pinion shaft to the carrier it rides into to actually break.Our regular
>route of repairs is to have a transmission rebuilder to rebuild
>transmission.Ask them if they would be welding this pinion retainer pin so
>that it will never break and allow differential pinion shaft to launch thru
>transmission case ever again.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:transmission, transmission, transmission.
 Previous car:2001 ford Windstar - dealership was willing to stand behind their product and put hand written on paper that they would cover any transmission issues. Stands for itself, don't you think?

Review 1999 Dodge Caravan Price Perry, From St. John's,
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