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1999 Dodge Caravan Review, DamFrazee, From Durham. NC

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Dodge Caravan

 Model of the car:Dodge Caravan
 General comments:I have a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan that has 65,000 miles. This vehicle is a death trap and has various problems that should be recalled by Chrysler. Of the issues most dire, the transmission has sensor failures, the brakes use way too much fluid and the one that has me most upset is the serpentine belt failures that cause the vehicle to loose all control. I have replaced the belt several times and the tensioner several times in just a two year period. This condition is deadly and will kill someone if it hasn't already. My wife has lost the belt twice in the rain and the van continued rolling without her being able to control the steering. The first time she rolled thru one of the busiest intersections in our town and barely escaped a wreck. The second time she was driving in a very light drizzle and it came off again. This second time was 7-4-02 and I couldn't believe it but this thing came off again for the third time on 8-30-02. A brand new belt and tensioner on 7-6-02 and there we were stuck again less then 2 months later. Luckily, I was driving the van so I could experience this loss of control that has my wife, children and I scared to ride in this van. Only after I threatened a letter to the State AG's office, my insurance provider and local news exposure did my servicing dealer change their arrogant stance to one of true concern. They miraculously produced a tech bulletin from 7-2-1998 that addresses the serpentine belt failure and agree to install the new bracket fix that is advised. Why in GOD's name is Chrysler risking the obvious danger of this problem by only helping those customers that will not accept the standard belt
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Serious problems with the serpentine belt and tensioner on 96-99 Caravans, Brake system, transmission failures that can almost be counted upon at 70,000 miles

Review 1999 Dodge Caravan DamFrazee, From Durham. NC
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