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2000 Dodge Caravan Review, Caravan Owner

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Caravan Base, Loaded

 Model of the car:Caravan Base, Loaded
 General comments:Do not buy this car. That is, unless you can't fork over some more bucks for a similar vehicle in another make, and you simply MUST HAVE a minivan.
I bought this van for only one reason: we needed a vehicle that we could put 4 kids in, AND we could only afford just about 18k. As a rule, I DONT buy used, because my experience is that all you are doing is buying someone else's problems.
I have a new rule. I WILL NEVER again buy an American vehicle. I have owned two fords and this dodge. All garbage. The fords were worse. If they weren't leaving me on the side of the road, they were costing me an arm and a leg.
I also have owned three old VWs, one used Datsun, one new mazda, a new Geo metro, which was based on a foreign design, and two japenese motorcycles. FEW PROBLEMS.
Bottom line is, the Dodge Caravan is junk that is thrown together for the least possible cost to suit the intended purpose.
Here's an abbreviated list of what's wrong with my Caravan: Brakes require a hammering to work. That is, get ready to work them quads when you want to stop, because you're going to have to smash that pedal into the floor. They are awful.
The car eats tires, and they are expensive tires. First set replaced at 24k.
Needed front brakes at something like 24K miles. Huh? What are they made of? Chalk? There had to be at least 6k highway miles on the first 24 miles.
The car pulls to the left, and no alignment can fix it. It's a constant reminder to me of what it means to buy a poorly made vehicle.
The check engine light is now coming on and going off at, seemingly, random (46K miles). Should I bring it in? Or should I wait for it to show a definite issue, other than a light being on, before I bring it in and take the hosing from the dealer. At least if I can feel or see a problem I know I got something fixed when I take my hosing.
The slider doors need to be slung like an Olympic hammer to close. That's what you want when you have 50 little kids fingers inside to worry about.
The transmission stopped upshifting at 24K miles and needed a 20$ part to start working again.
The car is now (46K) starting to rattle like a baby's toy. I think it's going to need new shocks or suspension parts.
The transmission is now slipping in cold weather until the vehicle is driven for a few miles. That makes me feel safe with 5 kids in the back. Nothing like being in the middle of an intersection and the car just revs up when you hit the gas. Remember how the original Caravans all blew out the trannys at fewer than 50k miles? When I bought this van, I thought the trannys had been fixed. Wrong.
Removing the seats is like a "world's strongest man" competition (but I could have checked that when I bought, so my fault).
Radio sounds like "Mr. Microphone", but I could have checked that, so my fault.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Too many to list. It's like asking me to name every one of the hairs on my head. Here's Joe. That's Sarah. Blah Blah.
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Review 2000 Dodge Caravan Caravan Owner
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