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2000 Dodge Caravan Review, Ros , From Canada

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Caravan ES

 Model of the car:Caravan ES
 General comments:I wanna write something about some reviews on this site,which are nothing more than BS.There is group of people
that hate anything domestic.They dont do actual reviews.Their posts look like this:
"Waste of money, buy Honda or Toyota"
Yes there is group of folks like that, I know few of them in real life. And believe
me they never owned domestic car, so how come they write review about them.
I think I know a lot about cars,as I have
owned Transmission repair shop for the last 20 years.There is one post about Crysler minivan which is clear BS.
It's something like that:
"I bought new Chrysler van, now it has 30000 miles and needs 5th transmission
already. It cost me a lot of money for those transmissions.Buy Honda or Toyota."
That post is clear BS.I have never ever seen new car,that needed 5 transmissions during first 30000 miles.
And how come it cost him so much money
when that van was clearly under warranty?
Another group of people here, they buy 10 year old car or truck for $1000 and expect
problem free driving.Get real people.
Remember,when you buy any used car,
you are buying someone's else headache.
I have 2 cars in my shop right now, which are waiting for new transmissions.One is
96 Windstar van with 100000 miles and 95 Camry with 80000 miles. Both owners blamed automaker for failure.
But neither of them changed transmission fluid and filter even once.I can say 90% of major car troubles are due to poor maintenance.Cars need more than just gas and tires people. My 1991 Caravan died 2 years ago with 180000 miles on it.
Still with original engine and transmission.That van never gave me a trouble during 10 years. I also own
1994 Mazda 626, it has over 100000 miles
and also no major problems. If you take good care of your car ,it's gonna serve you for many years. Back to transmission
problems on Caravans. Did I see more
Caravans in my shop than lets say Toyota
vans? Of course I did and you know why?
It's just in the numbers
There is 5 000 000 Caravans on the roads
and maybe around 400 000 Toyota vans.
Let's say if 2% of each of these vans have
transmission problems it's
100 000 caravans and only
8 000 Toyotas. But the percentage is still the same.Believe me I have seen
BMW's ,Hondas and every other brand in my shop.But as I said 90% of those transmissions problems were related
to poor maintenance or bad driving habits
 What things have gone wrong with the car:somewhat bad mileage with 3.8 engine
 Previous car:1991 Caravan

Review 2000 Dodge Caravan Ros , From Canada
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