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2000 Dodge Caravan Review, Ding42, From Montreal, Canada

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Caravan Sport

 Model of the car:Caravan Sport
 General comments:This is our first van. Overall we enjoy the product. A short wheel base full load powered by a 3.8L V6. At 4,500Km the front disks started vibrating during normal braking. At 10,000Km just before the dealer inspection, coins would fly out of the ashtray during highway braking. The dealer indicated it was the way we drive that caused the disks to become defective. They suggested that if you drive through a water puddle while the disks are very hot, they would warp. We then suggested to the dealer they should install disks that could withstand driving through water just like on other car brands. They decided to turn them rather than replace them. Today at 23,400Km we are still fighting Chrysler. We fear that the dash board falls off during braking.

Strange as it my seem, the couple 3 houses away own a 1997 Intrepid and during a discussion they appear to have the same problems and had the front disks replaced 3 times so far. The owner of the corner store, owns a 1999 Plymouth Voyager and he to has the same problems.

The question that boggles our minds is, is this all across North America, In Canada only, the East coast… Chrysler must surely have more that one disk supplier !
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Front brakes, inside finish poor
 Previous car:never used any before

Review 2000 Dodge Caravan Ding42, From Montreal, Canada
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