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2000 Dodge Caravan Review, SouthernDraw, From Sevierville

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Dodge Grand Caravan Conversian

 Model of the car:Dodge Grand Caravan Conversian
 General comments:This is the 2nd Dodge Caravan that I have owned and still expieriencing the same problems as the first one I had.....BAD TRANSMISSIONS!! I previously owned a 96 Caravan and had to replace the transmission at 69,000 miles. Traded it in for this 2000 Conversion Model against my better judgement (Kids had to have the TV) thinking Chrystler would have worked out the flaws in thier transmissions by now, at 31,000 miles the transmission has already started slipping quite often. Transmission fluid reads full, and filter has been changed, so can't figure out why it is doing this. Also, the brake light continually stays on as well. (minor problem compared to the transmission) My mother has also had to replace her transmission on her Caravan at 72,000 miles. It's a shame Dodge dosent make a better transmission because thier cars are the nicest looking and smoothest ride out there. Also, the front bumper is so damn cheaply made it's rediculous. Pulled over a parking concrete block at a convience store and when I backed out it ripped the whole front underguard off and caused the whole front frame to come undone all the way over the right tire frame. This concrete parking block was maybe 7" tall! I've pulled too close to these before in my Camaro and only scratched my front guard, but it never pulled the whole thing off. How cheaply made is that??
You can't beat if for comfortability, and the kids absolutly love it for road trips. This can seat alot of people and rides like a dream! Too bad for us it cant withstand the test of time, and not much time at that! Needless to say, this van is fixing to be the last Caravan I will ever own.
 Previous car:96 Dodge Caravan

Review 2000 Dodge Caravan SouthernDraw, From Sevierville
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