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2000 Dodge Caravan Review, Deruud

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Dodge Grand Caravan SE Sport

 Model of the car:Dodge Grand Caravan SE Sport
 General comments:With 38,000 miles, quite pleased thus far. My second Chrysler van product. Other was '90 Grand Voyager LE. My nephew bought it and with 130,000 it is still going okay, except for unreliable torque converter lock up (works some of the time).

Had a bothersome cracking noise in the steering wheel. Didn't get it into the dealer until the 37th month and even with only 32,000 on it, was told "out of warranty". A servicer bulletin was out on the problem, so it must be fairly common. Called Chrysler to complain and was told that since I hadn't taken it to dealer for oil changes, etc, they didn't feel they owed me any favors. Only a $50 "fix", but ticked me off anyway. Service rep on phone definitely not a people person. Maybe he works for nothing; I don't know why they would have him otherwise.

Over the winter, I noticed a slight transmission line leak on garage floor. Replaced the hose clamps on the line, but still leaked. Recently put a second clamp on to see if that will help. Was told by one mechanic that the problem is not uncommon in cold weather (below zero)if the vehicle is driven prior to being warmed up.

Over past 6000 miles, all kinds of driving condtions, averaged 21.1 mpg with 3.0 engine.

As with most minivans, this is a good vehicle for comfortably transporting people as well as household "freight".
 What things have gone wrong with the car:No daytime running lights. Removing & replacing cargo area seats is labor intensive. New 2005 models will solve that.
 Previous car:Former van was '90 Plymouth Grand Voyager.

Review 2000 Dodge Caravan Deruud
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