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2000 Dodge Caravan Review, Beverly Taylor, From Edwardsvi

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Grand Caravan

 Model of the car:Grand Caravan
 General comments:I have had several Dodge products, and have now decided NO MORE !!! This is the worst vehicle I have ever had, and I owned a pinto....I had an intrepid that I lost my but on , and thought a van maybe different, but I should have known better. After seven months of driving the Dodge Grand Caravan I have decided that I will never buy another Dodge,Crysler, or Plymouth product. I am sure I will once again take a hugh loss when I go to dump my Grand piece of crap. If I had bought this at Kmart or Target, I would have already taken it back for a full refund for being defective.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Tansmission has had to have warranty work done already. Now it is downshifting very hard and will need more repairs. Rack and pinion is going out in it and it will need warranty work also. Stops hard. I feel it is important to mention the fact that the van has less than 18,000 miles on it.
 Previous car:None

Review 2000 Dodge Caravan Beverly Taylor, From Edwardsvi
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