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2001 Dodge Caravan Review, Amis, From Delta,BC

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Dodge Caravan

 Model of the car:Dodge Caravan
 General comments:Our Caravan would not start last Sunday so we had it towed to the dealership. They informed us that the gas we were putting in it was bad and that the filter was clogged...... So they were going to have to change the fuel tank, filter,etc.- It's all under warranty! After one whole week we were told that our van was ready for pickup - they could NOT tell us what gas to put in or what had caused the problem. We went home and two days later, gas came pouring out of the van all over our garage floor! We had to get it towed again back to the dealer and this time - a clamp was defective. I would like to know if anyone else is having problem with the fuel they are putting in? We purchase a medium grade gas at one of the reputable stations in our town and we need to know if the problem lies with Dodge or is it really bad fuel? How could that possibly be, we have a Jeep Cherokee that is 1993 and is still just fine and we fill up at the same gas station.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Fuel System???
 Previous car:Jeep Cherokee-Country 1993

Review 2001 Dodge Caravan Amis, From Delta,BC
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