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2001 Dodge Caravan Review, Johnny Blazze, From Tha Bay Ar

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Grand Caravan Sport 3.3l

 Model of the car:Grand Caravan Sport 3.3l
 General comments:Bought the van in March 2001. I only have one child, but I've always been a van person. Great deal, especially since this car seems so much more versatile than an SUV. Gas mileage is just fine, again better than most SUV's.Styling is very sporty for a minivan. Very smooth on the road.I haven't even had the van for a year and already I've put 26000 miles on it. I drive this car almost 100 miles a day, on backroads no less. No major problems to report, except the stock speakers suck, I've already blown two of them, but whatever. My stock stereo is also a little bit defective as the treble level does not go all the way up, but I'll get that fixed when I get the time. The rubber molding on the inside of the sliding doors does seem like they weren't put in properly, but that's easily repairable. The deal I got on this car far outweighs those minor problems. So far, so good. I'll keep you guys posted.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Stock speakers.Rubber molding. Slightly faulty stock stereo.
 Previous car:1999 grand caravan,2000 toyota sienna,1980 vanagon,1995 pathfinder

Review 2001 Dodge Caravan Johnny Blazze, From Tha Bay Ar
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