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2001 Dodge Caravan Review, Martin, From Abilene, Texas

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Grand Caravan Sport

 Model of the car:Grand Caravan Sport
 General comments:Before purchasing this 2001 Grand Caravan Sport we owned a '97 base Caravan. My dad owned the '97 until 27000 miles and then thought I would like a van for my family in 1999 (1 child, one on the way), and even though I was reluctant at first, I must admit he was right. The van is wonderful for putting kids in and out of car seats -- don't have to stoop like in a sedan. I also like the van because of the high riding height on the road compared to a sedan. Plus we have had no problems at all with the van. After reading other reviews on this site, apparently people with lemons are finding this website. Our '97 has been problem free since my dad sold it to us and even though out of warranty -- no problems at all. Now for the 2001 model review...This 2001 Caravan redesign is AWESOME! It is so quiet, making it worth a lot more than any other van out there. Take one for a test drive and you'll see. We looked at many vans for the last couple months, Odyssey, MPV; Grand Caravan Sport, EX, ES; and finally decided on a Grand Caravan. We would have bought the EX (no rebates, lower pricing) IF we didn't get such a good deal on a loaded Sport. We found a 2001 Grand Sport with lower pricing (made before the Feb 2001 price increase), and the dealer gave us invoice pricing, saving us over $2400 off the sticker. Then we got a $2500 cash rebate. Sticker was $29,760 ($29,980 with Feb. 2001 price increases), and we got it for $24,659. Add to that the fact that this dealer and every other wanted to give us only $7000 for our '97 van. I put my car out on my property for $10,500 and sold it the first day for $9700. Plus the dealer we bought from allowed us to act like this van was a trade, saving us over $600 in taxes. You can see why we are pleased about the price. We almost bought an EX model and would have had we not found this Sport equipped exactly the way we wanted (mostly -- read on).As stated above, go with the 3.8 engine if you want more power. For $300 it is worth the price (EX comes standard with 3.8L). 3.3 is not that bad, and probably accelerates better than I think it does -- since the van is so quiet it doesn't seem like you are accelerating that fast, so is probably better than I think it is.The right power sliding door is great. We have a 2-1
 What things have gone wrong with the car:- I'm tall, and on the passenger front seat with the rear air my head comes too close to the roof just above the seatbelt where there is a protrusion in the roof- 180 HP 3.3L engine is a little weaker than I thought it would be. Still not too bad, but if you can find either an EX (3.8L std.) or a Sport
 Previous car:Test drove 2001 Honda Odyssey which was NOISY in comparison (worse than my 97 Caravan); plus for me, the instrument panel was blocked in the Odyssey by the steering wheel which I couldn't seem to adjust the tilt

Review 2001 Dodge Caravan Martin, From Abilene, Texas
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