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2001 Dodge Caravan Review, Bill , From Elmhurst, IL

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Grand Caravan

 Model of the car:Grand Caravan
 General comments:I hesitated buying another Chrysler product because of bad experiences with a Plymouth Acclaim.
The only reason I went with a 2001 Grand Caravan was because it had more space than a Winstar and the fact that the dealer assured me that the
Mercedes influence on the 2001s and beyond had made significant improvements in the design of
these minivans. Now having had it for 1 year, let me tell you the truth. Little has been done to
correct the nickel and dime repair expenses Chrysler products are known for. I was just told by my
mechanic (a good and trusted one who doesn't work at a Dodge repair shop) that I needed front brakes. I only have 13,000 miles on this vehicle and do not drive it hard! He said the back brakes
looked almost new. When I asked why brakes could go out so soon he smiled and said, "typical Chrysler producs" He then told me I will no doubt require
new rotors up front before 40,000, typical for Chrysler products. I asked him about the so-called Mercedes modifications. He told me most of those
changes won't go into effect for another 3 years! (His daughter works for Mercedes.) I was mislead by my salesman!

I'm very disappointed!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Non-warrantied maintenance costs. Vehicle constantly pulls to the right, despite
repeated allignments. Poor visibility from the driver's seat. (Lots of blind spots)
Had to replace a stabilizer bar up front that came loose. This was covered under warranty.
 Previous car:None

Review 2001 Dodge Caravan Bill , From Elmhurst, IL
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