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2002 Dodge Caravan Review, Kurtis Mcleod, From Enchant Al

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 Model of the car:DODGE GRAND CARAVAN
 General comments:We purchased our van 1 year ago, and since we have made severa trips for repairs.
1. CD player dident work from day one.
2. first time washing paint washed off back bumper.
3. five months, power steering cooler blows up. -30 out and blizzard took 5 hours to get through to road side assistance.
4. antilock brake sensors fail.
5. transmission housing crack open and leaks for no real reason.

All these problems happened in the first year of ounership. We are out of pocket lots for time and travel due to repairs. We will not likely buy another Dodge product for many years to come.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:1.LEMON
 Previous car:2000 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN

Review 2002 Dodge Caravan Kurtis Mcleod, From Enchant Al
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